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Through our 8 years of event management we delivered a large number of EVENTS which diverse between sports, entertainment, concerts, conferences and themed events, working with international organisations and leading companies in Egypt

 Product launches / Appreciation events / Annual events / Meetings

Engaging with employees and customers in a different environment develop appreciation meanings which increase employees’ loyalty to the corporate, shows an understanding of customers needs and increase overall performance

ADES annual event

 Organisations hold conferences to discuss specific topics and provide relevant information to targeted audience

Cultural property under threat: The cultural, economic, and security impact of antiques theft in the middle east conference

Premiere Skills event - British council Sports events are starting to expand within organisations across Egypt to give employees and managers a more relaxed environment to build relationships and increase productivity on a long term

Premiere Skills – British Council

 Events vary according to different seasons across each year, themed events are tailored to cope and celebrate these occasions giving the attendees the best experience

Salec events

concert Concerts offers an entertaining day for everyone, and we make sure to organize that unforgettable day

International Volunteer Day – UNV

 Graduation ceremonies are important for each student and family celebrating a milestone in their lives, from venues and stages to robes and photography a special day is created

Graduation Ceremony – British School in Cairo